1. Who can submit work?

Anyone who has experienced living with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, or the loved one of someone living with PMDD.

2. What will be done with my submission?

Your submission will first be reviewed.  You may or may not be asked to make minor revisions or clarifications.  Once approved, your post will be featured on the site under Our Stories, along with the name of the author and date of submission.  

3.  Will my name be on the site?

Only if you want it to!  You may request that your work be featured anonymously. 

4.  What if some of my story is pretty disturbing for others?

That's okay.  That is living with PMDD.  "Trigger warning: suicide/self-harm/etc" will be added to the top of your post, and to the main page link to give readers a heads up.

5.  Will I be compensated?

With good vibes and appreciation!  Work is submitted on a volunteer basis.  Help us get our voices out there!

6.  How long will my work be on the site?

Indefinitely.  If at any time you would like your work to be removed, please contact info@pmddmidwest.com

7.  Can I include pictures with my story?


8.  Can I use profanity?

Fuck yeah!

9.  Why do you want my address?

So I can send you a kick-ass PMDD Midwest sticker!  

Additional questions?