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The Tide


Every month, like the tide  creeping toward the shore, PMDD  covers you.   It brings  a deep sadness that fills your bones - a hurricane of anger, hopelessness, and despair.


You watch as it slides back into the ocean, carrying away with it a piece of you.


Then the fight begins.  You walk the shoreline - one heavy foot after the other - feeling each grain of sand digging into your skin. 




Staring into the ocean, which on any other day would bring you comfort. 


Struggling with each sinking step forward.  Clutching the last pieces of your wholeness.  Desperate for the tide's return.


Predictable.  Ever on time.  Knowing brings little aid. 


Pain in every muscle. 


Despair in every cell. 


The weight of it all sitting so squarely on your shoulders.


The sand consumes you. 


And then the tide returns.

-BB, 2018